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I. Name and Affiliation
The organization shall be called Tuslaw Junior Football & Cheer (TJFC) and will be referred
to as TJFC in the rest of this document. TJFC is recognized as a 501(c)(3) and will operate
according to all rules and regulations put forth by the Ohio Secretary of State and the Federal
Internal Revenue Service. TJFC is associated with the Ohio Valley Youth Football
Conference. The calendar year referenced in this document will be recognized as January 1st
through December 31st.
Anything that is not covered in these Bylaws is governed by the affiliated league rules. In
cases where clarification remains necessary, a TJFC Board of Directors Member or Officer
should be contacted.
II. Mission
Tuslaw Junior Football & Cheer (TJFC) is a non-profit organization aimed at giving the youth
(grades K-6) of our community (i.e., Tuslaw students and those whose family reside within the
Tuslaw School District) a chance to participate in a youth football and cheerleading program.
Our focus is on helping our youth build character, sportsmanship, self-confidence and learn
responsibility & teamwork in a competitive environment while gaining a strong sense of
Our goal is to teach the fundamentals of football and cheerleading in an atmosphere
where fun is the key word in fundamental, while fueling future participation and success of our
middle and high school athletic programs.
III. Conduct
At all times adults involved with the TJFC will conduct themselves in an orderly manner. At all
times shall the adults working with the football and cheer participants be mindful of the
language, both verbal and nonverbal, that is used around the children. UNDER NO
CIRCUMSTANCES shall an adult show unsportsmanlike conduct. Adults are expected to
exhibit responsible guidance in order to represent being positive role models to the children.
The above also pertains to players. Sportsmanlike conduct shall be maintained. The head
coach and assistant coaches shall stay in control.
IV. Indemnification
TJFC shall at all times (both during and after the term hereof) indemnify and hold harmless
TJFC Board of Directors members, officers, trustees, head coaches, agents, employees,
assistant coaches, and volunteers (referred to individually and collectively as the TJFC
governing body) from any and all settlements, losses, liabilities, demands, suites,
judgments, causes of action and all legal proceedings, and any costs or expenses in
connection therewith, damages, fines, attorney fees, and all other expenses relating to
arising from any and all claims whether or not groundless of every nature or character
including, but without limitation, claims of breach of duty, act of omission, personal injury,
death, and damage to property. The provisions of this Agreement are severable, and if any
part of it is found to be unenforceable, the other terms shall remain valid and enforceable.

V. Articles of incorporation of the organization
A. Organization is arranged exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, and
scientific purposes, including, for such purposes, the making of distributions to
organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under section 501(c)(3) of the
Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code.
B. The “Articles of Incorporation” of the organization include:
1. By-Laws of Organization.
2. Secretary of State of Ohio Certificate (or articles of incorporation filed
with the Ohio Secretary of State.
C. Upon the dissolution of organization, assets shall be distributed for one or more
exempt purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue
Code or corresponding section of any future federal tax code, or shall be distributed
to the federal government, or to a state of local government, for a public purpose. Any
such assets not disposed of, shall be disposed of by the Court of Common Pleas of
the county in which the principal office is then located, exclusively for such purposes
or to such organization or organizations, as said Court shall determine, which are
organized and operated exclusively for such purposes.
VI. Membership
Membership of this organization shall include:
A. Any parent, grandparent, legal guardian that has registered a child to participate in
any TJFC program for the current year.
B. Any person that is a current member of the Board of Directors.
VII. Board of Directors
TJFC will be governed by a Board of Directors consisting of eleven (11) members of the
community who will be nominated and elected by the Board of Directors during the first
meeting of the calendar year.
TJFC shall have the following Officer positions: President, Vice President, (2) Co-Treasurers,
TJFC shall have the following Committee positions: Cheer Advisor, Concessions Manager,
Equipment Manager, Field Maintenance, Flag Football Advisor and Fundraising Coordinator.
A. Those elected will take office immediately following the first meeting of the calendar year.
B. Each Officer member will serve a two (2) year term.
C. Each Committee member will serve a (1) year term.
D. Each member will be eligible for re-election.
E. The Board of Directors shall be required to submit to a background check.

VIII. Duties of the Board
The Board of Directors shall have full authority and discretion to establish all policies and
guidelines, set budgets, and implement the ongoing business of the TJFC consistent with the
Bylaws. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Board of Directors shall have the
power to:

A. Purchase or otherwise acquire for the TJFC any property, right or
privilege which the TJFC is authorized to acquire, by the price of
consideration and upon such terms as Board of Directors may deem
B. Appoint, remove, or suspend volunteers and to determine their duties
determine the composition of a sub-committee to deal with the particulars of
any activities.
C. Delegate the powers of the Board of Directors to any agent of the TJFC with
any powers as the Board of Directors may see fit to grant, suspend,
discharge, bar, or otherwise discipline any member, officer, head coach,
assistant coach, player, parent, as well as other related people as needed
without refund, whose conduct is considered detrimental to the best
interests of the TJFC.
D. Set registration and sponsorship fees.

IX. Board of Directors Officer Duties
TJFC shall have the following Officer positions: President, Vice President, (2) Co-Treasurers,
and Secretary. The duties are as follows:
A. President -
1. Attends all meetings.
2. Presides over meetings.
3. Checks in with the Treasurer and Secretary for all expenditures and correspondence.
4. Delegates Commissioners for affiliated leagues.
5. Attends all affiliated league meetings
B. Vice President -
1. Attends all meetings.
2. Preside over all meetings in the absence of the President.
3. Attends affiliated league meetings when necessary
C. Co-Treasurers -
1. Attends all meetings.
2. Gives financial updates at meetings.
3. Upon request, provides full financial reports, including monthly bank statements, and a
summary of outstanding assets and liabilities.
4. Collects and deposits all money from registrations, fundraisers, and anything else the
TJFC is involved with financially.
5. Keeps receipts for all expenditures incurred.
6. Maintains league insurance.
7. Completes all required Federal and State registrations and tax filing responsibilities.

D. Secretary -
1. Attends all meetings.
2. Takes roll call and minutes at all meetings.
3. Handles all communications including all notices to be sent to Board of Directors of
Director members, head coaches, assistant coaches, and others as needed.
4. Records, maintains, and holds background checks of all Board of Directors of Director
members, head coaches, and assistant coaches yearly. These will be held indefinitely.
5. Maintains website, email, and social media sites/updates.
6. Coordinates all registration activities.
E. Committee -
1. Manages all duties expected of their responsibilities.
2. Fills in where and when needed.
X. Vacancies
If any Board of Directors position becomes vacant:
A. Should position become vacant 3 months or less before the end of the Board of
Directors term, vacant position will be filled as per regular terms.
B. Should position become available >3 months before term ends, the Board of
Directors will hold a special nomination session for the vacant position.
C. Voting on the vacant position will occur after the nominations have been
D. Nominations and voting will occur within the next 2 scheduled meetings.
E. The new Board of Directors member will finish remainder of the term of the
position that was vacant.
If at any time during the term years, there are 3 people or less on the Board of Directors
(either by removal, voluntarily leaving, or any other means):
A. An emergency session to elect new Board of Directors members is required to be
1. Emergency sessions can be called by any remaining Board of Directors Member
or any of the Head coaches during TJFC Board of Directors year.
2. Emergency sessions must be held within 60 days of when the session is
XI. Voting
A quorum for conducting all business, except as specifically otherwise set forth shall be at
least 51% of the Board of Directors.
XII. Meetings
The President shall schedule meetings on as needed basis. Board of Directors meetings will
be posted online and available to for the public to attend. The President will establish an
agenda for each meeting with direct input from the Board of Directors. Future meeting dates
or frequencies will be determined prior to the closure of each meeting.

XIII. Special meetings
Special meetings may be called by the President when special circumstances warrant the
need for additional meetings.
A. The Board of Directors may convene in executive session to discuss or
resolve such matters.
B. The executive session is to be handled in a confidential manner.
C. Any Board of Directors member who does not abide by this policy can and
may be removed from their position.
XIV. Removal or Dismissal from the Board of Directors
If at any time a Board of Directors member or Officer of TJFC hinders the organization, a
Board of Directors meeting shall be called. That member will be advised of the problem and
given an opportunity to defend themselves. If the problem persists that member shall be
asked to resign.
The Board of Directors, at its discretion, may remove any Board of Directors Member upon
the affirmative majority vote of the full Board. In the event there is not a full Board of Directors
present to vote, the minimum number of votes shall be majority of the present Board of
Directors members.
XV. Appointment of volunteers
TJFC Board of Directors shall determine the appointment of volunteers and their duties as
well as determine the composition of a sub-committee to deal with the particulars of any
XVI. Eligibility
Registrations will be accepted for any youth (grades K-6) within the Tuslaw community. The
Tuslaw community, for the purposes of TJFC, is defined as Tuslaw students and those whose
primary family reside within the Tuslaw School District.
An exception will be made for any youth who does not meet the eligibility requirements noted
above, if that youth has previously participated in TJFC, or any youth who has had a sibling
who previously participated in TJFC, prior to the commencement these bylaws
(e.g., February 28, 2023).
XVII. League Insurance
TJFC players will be covered under a blanket accident insurance which shall be secured each
year and any such other insurance as deemed necessary to protect league property and
funds (liability, bonds, etc.)
XVIII. Amendments
These bylaws will be reviewed annually the Board of Directors meeting occurring at the last
meeting of the calendar year. At such time, amendments can be suggested to the Board.
These bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the Board of Directors of TJFC. These
are the Bylaws which govern TJFC. TJFC prohibits discrimination in all of its activities and

XIX. League Participation
There are many levels of involvement in TJFC including, but not limited to the following:
Directors, Head Coaches, Coaches, Players, Parents, Sponsors and Spectators.
The Board of Directors has the right to deny any person or group from participating in TJFC,
if, in the opinion of the Board, a person poses a potential risk to any child or TJFC or liability
to the TJFC because of their physical of verbal/nonverbal actions or behavior. The Board of
Directors can elect to reject applications and discharge, at any time, any person it deems
TJFC establishes and maintains a basic training plan for all coaches and other league
personnel as deemed necessary. The following must be completed for any person or persons
coaching for TJFC:
A. Background check – All Board of Directors, head coaches and assistant coaches
B. Lindsay’s Law – All head coaches and assistant coaches.
C. Concussion Training – All head coaches and assistant coaches
Background Checks. To comply with background check requirements, a background
check will be completed at the expense of TJFC. TJFC will require that background checks
be completed through Consistent with Ohio
Department of Education requirements, background checks will be valid for up to five years.
Lindsay’s Law. To comply with the training requirements under Lindsay’s Law, every coach
must, on an annual basis, completed the following training:
• View the approved training video; and
• Read and review the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Handout for coaches.
• Complete the required Lindsays Law Required Signature Form

All training materials are available at

Concussion Training. To comply with the concussion training requirements, every coach
must, on an annual basis, complete the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Heads Up to Youth Sports Online Training. `
All training materials are available at
Coaches may be removed from their position for any of the following:
A. Repeated (documented) offenses of conduct that is considered detrimental to the best
interests of the TJFC.
B. Threatening behavior (physical or verbal) to any athlete.
C. Threatening behavior (physical or verbal) towards a parent, Board of Directors
member, opposing coach or any volunteers associated with TJFC or any opposing
D. Any background including felony convictions, domestic violence histories or
similar criminal conduct may be excluded from participation (see Section XX).

XX. Background Checks
The Board of Directors shall establish a background check system for all Board of Directors
members, Commissioners, Head Coaches, Coaches, Agents of TJFC who are involved in
TJFC activities prior to any such individual being included in Board of Directors activities.
Individuals with backgrounds including felony convictions, domestic violence histories or
similar criminal conduct may be excluded from participation.
XXI. Sexual Abuse and Misconduct Prevention Policy

TJFC prohibits and does not tolerate sexual abuse or misconduct during any organization-
related activity. TJFC provides procedures for volunteers, Board of Directors members or any

other victims of sexual abuse or misconduct to report such acts. Those reasonably suspected
or believed to have committed sexual abuse or misconduct will be appropriately disciplined,
up to and including termination of position, as well as criminally prosecuted. No volunteer,
Board of Directors member or other person, regardless of his or her title or position has the
authority to commit or allow sexual abuse or misconduct.
Definitions and Examples
The following definitions or examples (but not limited to), of sexual abuse, misconduct or
harassment, may apply to any and/or all of the following persons – volunteers or other third
A. Sexual abuse or misconduct may include, but is not limited to:
B. Child sexual abuse – any sexual activity, involvement, or attempt of sexual
contact with a person who is a minor (under 18 years old) where consent is not or
cannot be given.
C. Sexual activity with another who is legally incompetent or otherwise unable to
give consent.
D. Physical assaults or violence, such as rape, sexual battery, abuse, molestation or
any attempt to commit such acts.
E. Unwanted and intentional physical conduct that is sexual in nature, such as
touching, pinching, patting, brushing, massaging someone’s neck or shoulders,
and/or pulling against another’s Board of Directors of Director(s)y or clothes.
F. Material such as pornographic or sexually explicit images, posters, calendars, or
G. Unwelcome and inappropriate sexual activities, advances, comments,
innuendoes, bullying, jokes, gestures, electronic communications or messages (e.g.,
email, text, social media, voicemail), exploitation, exposure, leering, stalking or
invasion of sexual privacy.
H. A sexually hostile environment characterized as comments or conduct that
unreasonably interferes with one’s work performance or ability to do the job or
creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment.
I. Direct or implied threats that submission to sexual advances will be a condition of
employment or affiliation with the organization.

Reporting Procedure
Immediately report suspected sexual abuse or misconduct to TJFC Board of Directors and
the local police jurisdiction where the incident occurred. It is not required to directly confront
the person who is the source of the report, question or complaint before notifying any of the
individuals listed. TJFC will take every reasonable measure to ensure that those named in
complaint of misconduct, or are too closely associated with those involved in the complaint
will not be part of the investigative team.
Anti-retaliation and False Allegations
TJFC prohibits retaliation made against any volunteer, Board of Directors member, or other
person who lodges a good faith complaint of sexual abuse or misconduct or who participates
in any related investigation. Making knowingly false or malicious accusations of sexual abuse
or misconduct can have serious consequences for those who are wrongly accused. TJFC
prohibits making false or malicious sexual misconduct allegations, as well as deliberately
providing false information during an investigation. Anyone who violates this rule is subject to
disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment or membership and
criminal prosecution.
Investigation and Follow-up
TJFC will take all allegations of sexual abuse or misconduct seriously and will promptly,
thoroughly, and equitably investigate whether misconduct has taken place. The organization
may utilize an outside third party to conduct an investigation of misconduct. TJFC will
cooperate fully with any investigation conducted by law enforcement or other regulatory
/protective services agencies. TJFC will make every reasonable effort to keep the matters
involved in the allegation as confidential as possible while still allowing for a prompt and
thorough investigation.
Reporting to Law Enforcement or Appropriate Child or Adult Protective Services
TJFC is committed to following the state and federal legal requirements for reporting
allegations or incidents of sexual abuse or misconduct to appropriate law enforcement and
child or adult protective services organizations. It is the policy of TJFC not to attempt to
investigate or assess the validity or credibility of an allegation of sexual or physical abuse as
a condition before reporting the allegation to proper law enforcement authorities or protective
services organizations.
Employee and Worker Screening and Selection
As part of its sexual abuse and misconduct prevention program, TJFC is committed to
maintaining a diligent screening program for prospective and existing volunteers and others
that may have interaction with those associating with or serviced by TJFC. The organization
may utilize a variety of methods of screening and selection, including but not limited to
applications, personal interviews, criminal background checks and personal and professional
Supervision of Youth
To provide a safe environment for minors, TJFC strives that a minimum of two adult workers
supervise or be in attendance with minors during organization-related activities. The purpose
is to avoid one-on-one interactions between adults and minors that are not easily observable
by others.

XXII. Grievance Policy
If any player, parent, coach, official or any other associated with TJFC is in attendance or
witness to a game where a TJFC team is participating and an issue or event occurs where
action needs to take place, a written complaint should be sent to the attention of the Board of
Directors President and include (but not limited to) the following information:
A. Name of Reporter
B. Names of affected player(s)
C. Address
D. Phone contact for the reporter
E. Witnesses to the incident
F. Email of Person Filing Complaint & Relationship to TJFC (if any) (i.e., parent, coach,
spectator, opposing coach)
G. Date of Filing
H. Date of Incident
I. Detailed Description of Incident (include as much detail as possible).
The written complaint should be emailed to: The person filing the
complaint may be asked to attend the next Board of Directors meeting to discuss what
action(s), if any, need or have taken place regarding the incident.

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